About Us

Adina Barnett is pretty sure it was Julia Child who she once heard say “if you want a low-fat dessert have a piece of fruit.” If it wasn’t her… well, we’re pretty sure she would have agreed.

Adina has been cooking and baking for friends and family for years but it’s her luscious desserts that have made them happiest. After constant requests for “The Cake,” as well as her delicious cookies and other treats, she opened Sweet Little Sin in 2007.

Sweet creamy butter, fresh eggs, dark chocolate, pure vanilla, toasted coconut, tangy pineapple – by combining unique ingredients with traditional favorites, Adina’s homemade delicacies are truly “cookies and cakes for people who prefer to eat dessert first.”

Adina and her family reside in Easton, Massachusetts. She believes that one of her greatest personal triumphs is having taught both of her children how to crack a perfect egg by the age of four.